Hong Kong & Macau, China


Hong Kong always had a special place in my heart. Although I visited for a very short amount of time, there’s something about it that makes me want to go back. Sure, I always want to go back to Japan but Hong Kong feels like home. It’s very weird since I don’t speak an ounce of Cantonese. But I do believe it’s because I have heard so much of the place from my parents. In fact, they got married there! So that’s probably why Hong Kong is very special to me. Oh! And we watch a lot of TVB dramas too!


I stayed in Kowloon area. I remember the feeling of excitement. The streets were a bit dirty, neon lights brightening the streets and signs were everywhere. It was rainy when I arrived, I didn’t have an umbrella, but I managed to stay dry thanks to all those signs. I wish there was more I could say about Hong Kong, or that I had more pictures but I believe that gives me more of a reason to go back. So Hong Kong, to be continued!!


To many, when they hear Macau, they will either think about the numerous amounts of casinos or the Ruins of Saint-Paul Cathedral. Not saying that it is wrong. Pictures don’t do justice for the facade. It’s absolutely stunning to see it in person. The cathedral was built in 1602 to 1640 and it was the largest Catholic church in Asia at the time. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire during the typhoon in 1835. Macau’s importance was declining and so was the cathedral’s fortune, hence why reconstruction was not possible. Today, the facade stands loud and proud, and it’s definitely a place worth visiting.


I, on the other hand, when I hear about Macau, think of my mother’s refugee camp. I think about my parents’ struggle, about the sacrifices, the number of lives lost and the great gamble for a better life. I hear about it countless of times. So when we arrived in Macau, it was a very emotional experience. We walked around outside the camp, my mother remembered everything; where her room was, who her neighbors were, the officers who took care of her, the letters she would send to my grandmother… Luckily, my mother spoke Cantonese, so she was always favored and had it a bit easier. Though I know we will never fully understand what our parents went through, I think it’s extremely important to at least learn and be curious about it.


Putting the deep serious talk aside, Macau is extremely fun to go shop and eat. I think everywhere in Asia is fun to eat. This was one of the many small streets with cafes, boutiques, restaurants and markets. I don’t remember eating in an actual restaurant during my stay in Hong Kong and Macau. We ate so many street food and snacks. And everything was so good and cheap! I remember there was a place that only sold jerky. There was such a large variety of jerky! I believe there were literally hundreds of kinds, and they actually let us taste them all!! Anyways, I hope you guys still enjoyed this post despite I didn’t have much to say since I didn’t stay there very long.. I’ll try to cover something more in detail next time!



2 thoughts on “Hong Kong & Macau, China

  1. alvintandubuana says:

    Really nice post! Hong Kong looks nice but Macau looks very interesting! And it’s interesting to see how a refugee camp looks like it must have been crazy for your mom. Can’t wait for more asia trip blogs!!!


  2. Simon says:

    I like your post. Damn, that refugee camp got me.Shame that you went there mostly when it was raining. Because Macau looks so gloomy! 😛


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